about impact resistant glass2Fifteen years ago, in 1992, Hurricane Andrew changed that  along with building codes in communities along Florida’s Atlantic and gulf coast when killed 23 people and caused $ 25 billion in damage.

The disaster gave quick birth to an industry for WhatherShield Windows and doors. In their scramble to create windows that coastal Florida code officials would approve, manufacturers used obvious, unsightly clamps to strengthen them. If the years since, window makers have improved the glass and refined the windows designs so  you cannot tell a hurricane  rated window from a regular window.

Today impact – resistant glass sandwich a laminated inner lower made of polyvinyl butyral, a plastic between two sheets of glass, Stronger than a car windshield, the glass might shatter if a heavy objet crashes into it, but it won’t break to bits. That makes wind less likely to penetrate the envelope of a home and create interior pressure severe enough to blow its roof off.

Florida home builders and remodelers by most of the high – end windows. But because panes so powerful also ward off thieves, harsh sunrays, and cold weather, some builders are installing hurricane-rated windows in houses far from the ocean.

Customers actually prefer an impact product because of the aesthetics compared to shutters, don’t save the Florida homes of snowbird residents who are living elsewhere when the hurricane warming’s begin no one’s home to close them.

The most dynamic thing in this business is the codes and the Mother Nature who ultimately will swell sales.


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