Here in Florida where hurricanes are very common, every property owner knows exactly how drastically it affects their property. The windows are one of the most vulnerable features of your home and it’s but obvious that you would want to ensure they are well-protected from the bad weather. It’s why people get hurricane shutters and impact-resistant windows installed.

The latter are very different from the former; and if you want your home to be better protected from the inclement weather, it’s important to opt for impact-resistant glass windows. If you find that there is any weakening in your existing windows or if you just have standard ones installed, it’s best to Replace Impact Glass.

About Impact-Resistant Glass

This is essentially a laminated product; based on the level of impact-resistance you’re looking for, there are 2 primary types of impact-resistant windows used in residential applications:

  • The first type of window has many layers of PRB (polyvinyl butyral); these layers are all sandwiched between sheets of glass; after which the glass is placed under high pressure, in an autoclave, at around 400°F. This tempers the glass and increases its strength. These windows are specifically designed for projectile impacts.
  • The other type of impact-resistant windows is the glass-clad polycarbonate/ PET laminated glass windows. These are designed for much larger projectile impacts and they are attached to the frames with a strong structural silicone sealant.

The Installation Process

When you decide to Replace Impact Glass, it’s important to keep in view that you would have to pair these up with stronger frames, if you want them to function optimally and offer a good amount of protection from projectiles during a storm or hurricane. The frames could be constructed using wood, vinyl, metal, or even a combination of materials. Reinforcement and stiffeners would be used to add strength to the installation, compared to the standard window frames.

If you are considering retro-fitting any existing windows, the recommendation is that the entire window system should be replaced (including the frame), if you want it to function as designed. The key to ensure that the window stays intact even under hurricane conditions is to secure the window frame to its opening as per the manufacturer specifications.

Why Replace Impact Glass?

These windows undergo rigorous testing and are able to withstand Category 5 wind conditions, and any debris that accompanies it. This means your home will have a far better chance of weathering a hurricane. They are sturdy and durable and are specially made to weather storms.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and Replace Impact Glass, before there is any stormy weather in the area. When you are considering getting this installation done, it’s important that you hire the services of a reputed and well-established company for the job.

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