Most homes and commercial establishments such as retail stores, clothes and shoes stores as well as pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants have some mirror installations. Mirrors add a very expansive look to the space, bring in cheeriness to the indoor atmosphere and add elegance to the space as well. While some mirror installations are small and just hung on the walls, others are larger features that cover entire walls, and are fitted on wooden panels or on the walls directly. Some settings also have mirrors installed on ceilings.

While these mirrors add the aesthetics of the space, they need to be installed well. The stability and durability of the features largely depends on how well they have been fitted. The only time a fixed mirror on a wall would become cracked or damaged is when it suffers an impact. If any of the mirrors on your property have become damaged in any way, it’s crucial that you hire the services of a skilled and experienced mirror installers like us at Diversified Glass and Mirror.

 Some property owners feel they would be able to handle the mirror replacement or installation on their own or get a local handyman to tackle the job. But that isn’t a good idea at all. While mirror installation may look like a simple task, the job requires expertise and skill and only experienced operators like us can handle the job for you safely and efficiently.

The work process we follow in mirror repairs and replacements:

  • Our experts will survey the damage as well as the space where the mirrors have to be fixed
  • Detailed measurements will be taken
  • They will discuss your specific requirements and make note of the various features in the space.
  • If a broken mirror has to be replaced, the existing damaged mirror will be removed very carefully and bagged for disposal.
  • They will show you samples of different mirrors and the pricing for each of them
  • Once you have approved the quote, they mirror order will be fulfilled
  • We will visit your location at a date and time convenient to you for the actual installation work
  • All the mess and debris will be removed from the site once the work is complete.

How We Excel

We make sure that the job is completed meticulously and in a detailed manner and that you are 100% satisfied with the services we have provided. We handle wall mirror and ceiling mirror installation, repair and replacement jobs for commercial and residential customers, provides customized solutions at very competitive pricing.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we adopt a personalized approach and ensure that every aspect of the job is completed in a detailed manner. We never cut corners in our work and maintain transparency in all our business dealings. As a fully-licensed and insured company, we provide guarantees for our work.

This is why it’s a smart choice to hire professionals for wall mirror installations. For installation and replacement of glass mirrors, call Diversified Glass and Mirror at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details.