Each bathroom is different and unique in its own way. All owners have personalized necessities and requirements for designing these spaces. If you decide to get rid of your old or damaged vanity mirror, it’s recommended that to take the help from experts in the field. Numerous homeowners take up this job as a DIY project. But it’s not always possible to get the perfect look you are aiming for, and professionals would be able to handle the job better.

Vanity Mirrors- Different Types

These features come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from mirrors of different finishes too. The different types of vanity mirrors you can choose from include:

• Frameless- These mirrors can create an ideal look if you’re opting for an aesthetic and detailed finish for your bathroom. They tend to blend into any style, without needing to change the entire look in the bathroom. Apart from the appearance, these mirrors are easily installable.

There are various sizes and shapes based on your personal requirement, and the proportions your wall needs. Different types of clasps or a superior quality adhesive is used to hold the mirrors firmly against the wall.

• Framed- These are fixed on your bathroom wall using either wires or brackets in the manner that picture frames are hung up against the wall. The fitting used would depend on the surface of your bathroom wall.

Hire Skilled Installers

It is always a good idea to hire professionals for tasks like this, to ensure you get the exact look you want. They will inspect the space available, take exact dimensions and focus on your ideas. They will show various samples based on your taste and preferences and provide a quote for the job.

Once you approve the design and cost, we will ensure that you get your personalized vanity mirror, exactly as you wanted it and also as quickly as possible. Hiring a company that has an excellent service background, helps ensure that the task will be completed professionally, using the best supplies and workmanship.

The installers will ensure that the mounting clasps and adhesives used are fixed sturdily and are of a superior quality. When you opt for our services, you are assured of high quality at very competitive pricing. As a customer-centric company, we always look to provide you value for money.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Our installers will make sure that the surface on which the mirror is being placed, is of even dimensions and sturdy enough to bear the weight of your mirror. They will work in a professional manner and will ensure they leave the workplace clean and tidy at the end of the day. We will also provide you with guarantees for all the work we handle for you.

For installation and replacement of vanity mirrors, call Diversified Glass and Mirror at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details. We work very closely with our clients to provide custom solutions that are in line with your needs.