Good quality glass windows are made with toughened, laminated glass. This glass is very resilient and can withstand minor impacts without becoming damaged. But there could be times when the glass suffers a major impact and cracks or becomes damaged in some other way. In this event, it becomes necessary to replace the window glass without delay.

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are a very reputed company in the field and focus on providing our clients customized window glass replacement solutions. We understand exactly how to replace glass windows and doors on residential and commercial properties. Since every property will have different types of window panes the process for replacing them will differ.

Types of Glass Replacement Services

Some of the types of windows that we can replace and repair include:

  • Patio doors-These windows are quite large and have larger glass panes as well. This also sometimes makes them more prone to damage. If your patio door glass has become damaged, we can replace it efficiently and effectively. While we are replacing the glass panels we will also check whether the door rollers need replacement and will handle that task expertly as well.
  • Doublepaned windows– These windows have double glass panes with argon gas sandwiched in between the panels. This helps insulate the room they are installed in and improves the energy-efficiency of the property overall. If the seal becomes weakened or the glass cracks and the argon gas leaks out, that will impact the energy-efficiency aspect of the feature. We have the skills, training and technology to repair and replace all types of double and triple-paned windows and doors.
  • Single Pane Glass Replacement– These glass replacement jobs aren’t as complex as replacing triple or double paned windows are and we will complete these tasks to your satisfaction as well.

Custom Door Glass Replacement Solutions

Some glass replacement projects also involve the repair and replacement of the framing, rollers and the rubber seals. Our installers will take accurate measurements of the window opening and will replace all the damaged components. We handle every job expertly and make sure that the window feature is stable and fitted firmly. When you are getting type of window or door glass replacement or repairs done you want to make sure that you hire experts for the job.

We are very transparent and honest in our approach to work and never cut corners. This means every glass replacement job that we handle is perfect and you get features that are resilient and long lasting. Not only do well installed windows and doors add to the aesthetics of your home, but increase the value of your property as well.

We can handle projects of any scale and complexity, use the best materials in the work and tackle every job to your 100% satisfaction. For excellent glass window and door replacement, call the experts at Diversified Glass and Mirror – the number to call is (954) 809-5699. You also have the option to use this online form to send us your project details and we will revert shortly.