Glass is one material that is trendy and complements the appearance of all types of interior design concepts. This is exactly why so many builders, architects and interior designers use this material in their projects. Glass is widely used in residential spaces as well as in commercial settings.

Different Applications

In fact, most office spaces now have glass partitions instead of solid walls. This is because the open floor plan concept is very popular in both work and living environments. Today, these panels are used in various settings such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Classrooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Retail spaces
  • Exhibition centers
  • Conference centers
  • Professional practices
  • Other

Types of Glass Partitions

Glass in any form becomes a very elegant and stylish material to use in indoor spaces. As mentioned earlier, it blends in well with all design themes and architectural elements. You can choose from glass of different finishes, such as:

  • Transparent Glass– This is ideal for spaces where the design leans heavily on openness and spaciousness. More glass means more natural light can filter through and it makes the spaces look expansive as well.
  • Frosted glass- There are times when you want to create cabin/conference areas with a little more privacy. If you still don’t want to sacrifice on the open feel, you can use frosted glass. In fact you can choose to get it frosted only up to just above eye level. This is a great way to maintain the integrity of the design in the interiors without compromising on the privacy aspect.
  • Etched glass- if you are looking for something more elaborate and stylistic, you can choose to get the glass partitions The designs that you get etched into the panels can be made to complement the design used in the other features in that space.

In most instances, the company that handles installation of these glass partitions will recommend that you opt for tempered and laminated glass panels. These specially-treated sheets don’t break easily on impact. Even in the event of a very severe impact they break into blunt, square pieces instead of sharp and jagged shards.

Range of Glass Systems

You can choose from a range of systems such as movable glass walls, fixed partitions, modern-fold partitions, operable partitions and accordion doors etc. The system you choose will be dependent on how much space is available in a certain setting and the kind of functionality and aesthetics you want. Regardless of the type of glass partitions you choose, you can be assured they will add to the elegance and appeal of your property.

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