Modern day structures tend to have a lot of glass windows, doors and facades. These lend a stunning look to the building, bring in more natural light into the indoor spaces and add a very expansive look to the place.

However, if you want these glass doors and panels to last for a long time, its .important that you choose the best-quality glass and ensure that experienced contractors handle the installation for you. While these doors are typically made from tempered and laminated glass, a very heavy impact can cause the doors to break.

It becomes important to get these features replaced soon, as any kind of breakage or cracks in the glass doors and panels can affect the energy-efficiency of your home or commercial property. It will stress your HVAC system and you will be saddled with high energy bills. This is why it’s best to get experts to come and replace the broken glass panels without delay.

Range of Glass Door Replacements

There are different types of glass doors and panels replacement. The procedure used in the replacement will be dependent on the location of the feature and the type of glass used in it, such as:

Entranceway/balcony/porch/patio doors

Door glass is generally very thick and the technicians will check what thickness of glass was used in the installation. They will suggest you use tempered, laminated glass in these doors; this glass is very solid and safe for high traffic areas. The type of repairs will also depend on whether the doors were fitted to run along tracks or were pivot styled panels. At times, the rollers may also have to be replaced to ensure the doors glide smoothly in the framed channels. This job requires skill, experience, knowledge and advanced installation tools.

Double-paned patio glass doors

Most people are focused on increasing the energy-efficiency of their property. It’s why they opt for double/triple-paned glass for their doors and windows. Argon gas is filled in between these panels. In case the doors are damaged in any way that also compromises the energy-efficiency of the feature. The personnel that are handling the repair/ replacement will ensure that suitable glass doors and panels are used and they will also check the seal to ensure their insulation is up to the mark.

Single-paned glass doors

 This replacement is simpler than the process used to replace double/triple paned glass doors. The job can be handled effectively on site itself. If full door panel and frame replacement is required, the personnel will assess the damage, and ensure that job is also completed to your 100% satisfaction.

Customized services

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror have proven expertise in the field and provide customized solutions at extremely competitive pricing. We use the best materials and workmanship in the project and provide guarantees for the job we have handled for you. For installation and replacement of glass doors and panels, call us at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details.