Glass shower doors can create a dramatic illusion to your bathroom. They will make it appear more spacious and will create a sensual ambiance. If properly maintained and installed they can be an ideal focal point in your bathroom and will give it a royal look. Glass shower cabinets are the ultimate symbol of luxury and style. Till recent times getting a glass shower door installed in your home was something that was affordable only to the higher clergy of the society. But now the conditions have changed and we are having many affordable glass shower enclosures in the market.

Most of these kits are made with heavy glass and they will have a sliding shower door with metal frames or a nickel or silver handle. Many of us think that the installation of a shower door is simple but there are certain challenges to it. The installation process has to be done so that the primary focus lies in the shower enclosure but the importance of other areas are not diminished. So the valuable time and money you spent on choosing the perfect vanity and the matching tiles for your bathroom will not be in vain. The space and angle of the shower should be kept in such a way that the water droplets from the shower should land on the glass walls and drip inside the cabinet. This will keep the inside of the bathroom dry as the wet area and dry area will be separated clearly. That is why we focus on the importance of hiring a technician from Diversified Glass and Mirror to do the job. For every single shower door that is purchased from us we give installation services too.

At Diversified Glass and Mirror we give shower door installation services in two criteria, the type of the door and the glass thickness. The frame-less shower doors while being elegant is expensive and needs a flawless installation. The framed shower doors are costs less and are easy to use and install. Most of the homeowners can do the installation of the framed glass shower doors themselves while the frame-less ones can only be installed by a professional shower door installation technician.

After your favorite door kit has been selected the technician from Diversified Glass and Mirror will visit your bathroom and take some measurements like the distance of the bath fixtures and the height of the kit. Then a sketch of the shower and door with the measurements marked in appropriate places. After this the shower door kit is brought in and installed at the correct position. Having an expert will make sure that the work is done perfectly and you will not encounter problems in future.