Hurricanes are a very common feature across South Florida and sometimes they can be so severe that they cause a considerable amount of damage to your property. While installations such as roofing etc do become damaged in stormy weather, glass windows and doors are more prone to damage. The glass shards can also get thrown into the interior areas of your property and cause damage to features inside.

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror recommend to our clients that they get hurricane impact glass installed on their commercial and residential properties. Today, most insurance service providers require that hurricane impact glass be installed on your property if you want to be eligible for hurricane insurance.

Custom window installation

If you are building a new home or are upgrading the windows of your existing structure, it’s a good idea to get hurricane window installation done. We are a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years and have the knowledge, expertise as well as the resources to provide you excellent solutions based on your specific needs.

We provide customized hurricane window installation and replacement services. If you feel that your existing older windows have suffered damaged, call us without delay to inspect the features. Our experts will conduct a thorough check on the windows and provide an objective view on whether the installations need replacement.

Hurricane glass- some facts

  • It’s a laminated glass available in 2 variants based on the impact-resistance levels you need.
  • One variety has many layers of polyvinyl butyral (PRB) that is fused with multiple layers of glass. The glass is fired at extremely high temperatures in autocalves; this tempering process increases its resilience and strength.
  • The hurricane glass sheets are specifically designed to withstand high impact from projectiles.
  • The other variety is PET(glass-clad) polycarbonate windows. These are designed to handle larger projectile impacts; and are attached to window frames using a specialized structural silicone sealant which adds to their strength.

Our work process

When you call us for hurricane glass replacement, the process we follow is this :

  • Our experts will visit your property and assess what the condition of the existing glass panes is.
  • In most cases, just replacing the glass doesn’t help and the framing would require replacement too. This provides added protection from hurricanes, projectiles and storms.
  • The framing would be made of metal, vinyl, wood or combination materials.
  • Detailed measurements will be taken.
  • Customized design solutions would be provided after understanding your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Once the quote has been approved, the work will be completed within the committed timeframe.
  • Stiffeners and reinforcement would also be used to strengthen this installation
  • The structure will be installed as per the hurricane glass and window frame manufacturers’ specifications – this ensures the product warranties stay intact.

These panes will be able to withstand Category 5 wind conditions and its best to get your standard windows replaced with hurricane glass features. For more information, feel free to call Diversified Glass and Mirror on (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details and we will revert shortly.