Many commercial and residential structures have expansive wall mirror installations in various indoor areas. If these are installed by experts and fitted securely to the walls, there is generally no risk of damage. But sometimes, an impact can damage these mirrors and cause them to loosen and fall or become cracked.

Replacement is the only solution in situations such as these. If you want the new feature to be installed expertly and be long-lasting, you need to hire the services of skilled and professional wall mirror installation experts.

Why hire Professionals?

Some property owners feel that they may be able to handle this task themselves, but that is never a good idea. Glass is a fragile material and requires stable backing and strong anchoring to hold it securely in place; only professionals with the right training and licensing would be able to handle this job expertly and safely. We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are a company that has been operating in this field for a number of years and know what it takes to provide custom wall mirror installation solutions.

Over the years, we have handled a large number of residential and commercial mirror installation projects and know exactly how important it is follow a set work process for the best results. Sometimes it may seem like it would be more cost-effective to install the mirrors yourself, or get a handyman to do the job; but if you damage either the wall surfaces or the mirror in the process, you will end up spending far more than necessary.

 Our Work Process

When you call us for the job, we will

  • Survey the damage as well as the space where the mirrors have to be installed.
  • Our technicians will take detailed & accurate measurements of the area.
  • The broken mirror bits and shards will be carefully removed and bagged for disposal.
  • Our experts will show you samples of different brands & grades of mirrors and you will be given quotes.
  • On approval of the quote, we will get the order ready and will ensure the wall mirror installation is completed at the date and time convenient to you.
  • We will ensure that the work site is left clean and tidy once the work is complete.

When you hire experienced and credible wall mirror installation professionals for the project, you can rest assured that entire task will be completed safely and efficiently. We provide customized solutions based on your requirement and budget and ensure you get value for money. As a customer-centric company, we understand that you want mirror features that will be easy to maintain, resilient and long-lasting and that is exactly what you get when you hire our services.

Diversified Glass and Mirror is a company that provides wall mirror installation services to customers across South Florida. For any more information about our solutions, please contact us at this number- (954) 809-5699. You can also send us your project details via this online form.