When you have a shower enclosure, you also want to ensure that it has the right type of shower doors. The doors you choose will be entirely dependent on the kind of space available, your style and function requirements as well as your budget. There are a number of doors to choose from such as framed, semi-framed as well as frameless shower doors etc,.You will find that there is a variation in the materials, styling and pricing too. So how then can you choose doors that will match your requirements.

Not everyone has very large bathrooms spaces; at other times, while the bathroom spaces may be large, the actual shower enclosure may be positioned in a very odd corner of the room. At times this leaves very little space for a proper openable door. This is where sliding shower doors come into the picture.

Why get sliding shower doors installed?

It’s true that some homeowners get shower curtains installed; and though these do lend a very softening effect, pattern and color to your shower enclosure; when you choose to get sliding shower doors installed, these panels are far easier to clean.

You can choose from opaque, patterned, translucent or clear glass and these allow natural light to filter into the space. This adds a spacious look to the shower enclosure and makes even the smaller spaces look larger. These are the things to keep in view while choosing sliding shower doors:

Types of doors

There are various styles of shower doors you can choose from. As mentioned earlier, you can decide whether you want framed, frameless or semi-framed ones installed.

  • While the framed ones are sturdy and look good, you can also choose to get the frameless ones for your bathroom. They are quite sleek in appearance and are far easier to clean. That’s because there are no spaces where the soap scum can collect. They also eliminate visual interruptions.
  • Sliding doors are ideal for areas where there isn’t any space for the door to swing open; glass panels that easily slide right past one another on tracks and open out in either direction are a great choice.

In addition to the actual doors you can also get floor-to-ceiling glass panels installed. These are excellent to hold the steam inside the enclosure. Some of these enclosures also have an operable transom just above the door and these help vent steam as and when required.

Types of glass

It’s important that these sliding shower doors be made of tempered glass and this is much stronger than regular glass. The minimum thickness of glass used for frameless shower doors is 3/8 inches and ½ or ¾ inches are considered a much sturdier option. The glass is available in patterned, etched, textured, seeded, opaque, frosted or seeded patterns.

Ensure that strong and sturdy hardware is used in the installation. For any type of sliding shower door installations, call Diversified Glass and Mirror at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details.