Glass table tops are an amazing addition to any space, commercial or residential. And you can add these to your living and dining room or even your den or home office. They become the perfect material for hallway console tables and look stunning and elegant, no matter where they are placed. While some of these tables may have smaller surfaces, others could be quite large.

If you buy furniture products from a good manufacturer, they would have definitely used sturdy glass in the pieces. However, there are times when even toughened glass can get damaged by a severe impact and its not uncommon to see glass surfaces that are cracked or discolored or ones that have dings; and these can have a negative impact on the décor of your property.

Apart from this, any open and sharp edges of cracked or chipped glass can be extremely dangerous too. This is especially true if you have kids or pets in the house. If any of the table tops in your home are damaged in any way, it’s crucial that you get them fixed within the shortest possible time.

Our Work Process

Experts such as the ones at Diversified Glass and Mirror specialize in Glass Table Top Repair and replacement. Some information about how we work:

• When you call us with your requirement, we send out an expert to your location within the shortest possible time.
• They will assess the extent of the damage and check whether replacement is the only option.
• If there is only a slight crack or ding; and polishing the edge will do the trick, we will fix the glass very simply, by polishing and beveling it. However, if the damage is too much, then replacement becomes the only option.
• The old or damaged glass will be replaced with sturdy glass of good quality.
• This ensures the glass table top will be able to withstand regular wear and tear in a better way.
• We work very efficiently and handle all types of Glass Table Top Repair. It won’t be long before your tables are restored to their former glory.
• We use tempered glass in this work; it ensures the installation will be durable and safe for use.
• Our company can help repair table tops of all shapes and sizes such as rectangle, square, circular, hexagonal or oval.

Other Services

Some of our customers also ask for Glass Table Top Repair of surfaces that have been installed to protect the polish on the wooden furniture in their homes. These help protect against liquid spills, food stains as well as scratches and denting etc. If you have noticed any damage to the glass, we can fix it within the shortest possible time. We can fabricate superb and durable glass tops for bureaus, tables and other furniture; this ensures your valuable items are all protected against surface damage.

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror provide high grade Glass Table Top Repair as well as glass replacement services to commercial and residential customers across the region. Call us at this number- (954) 809-5699 and tell us more about your requirement. You also have the option to send us your requests via this online form.