Many older structures have wooden window frames; the windows themselves may be made of single-paned glass. And like most other installations that are exposed to the outdoor environment, these features also deteriorate over time and you will notice various signs of this deterioration. The good news is that it’s now possible to find certain solutions that will help make your home structure more energy-efficient.

If you feel that the older windows and doors in your home are deteriorating and looking old, you should consider getting Full-Frame Door and Window Glass Replacement. Double or triple-paned glass windows provide better viewing and add to the energy-efficiency of your home as well. window glass repair

Why you should consider getting full-Frame door and window glass replacement done

When you hire experts like the ones at Diversified Glass and Mirror for this job, we will send out expert professionals to assess the condition of the windows and the frames. The commonest problems people face with these features are water intrusion, insect infestations, damaged wood, rotting wood and poor or no insulation. If the window frames in your home are worn out, it becomes extremely difficult to operate these windows. In addition, the worn-out framing will allow air to leak in, which reduces your home’s energy –efficiency.

If there are any visible signs of rot or decay, it’s best to opt for Full-Frame Door and Window Glass Replacement. Our experts will first inspect all the windows and doors that need replacement to identify whether the frames have the strength to support the weight of the new replacement windows. They will also judge whether full-frame replacement is necessary or not. Rotting sills and brick mold are just some of the deterioration-related problems that can be addressed when the replacement is being done.

The work process

  • The doors/windows will be taken down right to the raw framing boards (rough opening).
  • These openings will then be sealed to prevent air & water seepage from around them.
  • Once the doors/windows have been placed in the opening, the appropriate insulation will be installed; this prevents moisture, drafts and insects from entering into the indoor spaces from around the frames.
  • For all window installations, we will also install a water management system at the sill level
  • Proper brick molding will then be used to finish the exterior surfaces all around the framework, while premium trimming will be used for interior surfaces.

This type of full-framing replacement might not always be necessary; however it helps ensure the energy-efficiency, appearance & longevity of your new replacement doors & windows. When you hire us for this job, you can rest assured that the best products, hardware and materials are used and that the work is completed to industry standards.

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are a company that provides customized Full-Frame Door and Window Glass Replacement to customers across South Florida. For any more information about energy-efficient windows, please contact us at this number- (954) 809-5699. You can also send us your project details via this online form.