Glass Partitions Types and Applications

Glass is a classic material that looks great in all types of settings. Not only does it complement the look of modernistic architectural styles but blends in well with more traditional design concepts too. This is also why so many property owners, architects and designers use glass in their projects and it’s suitable for both residential and commercial structures.

The open floor concept is the latest trend in residential commercial interior design; and using glass partitions is the one way to divide and demarcate spaces without breaking the visual openness of the spaces. While glass may seem like a simple, transparent material, it is available in a number of forms and can be customized to suit your requirements.

Different glass partition types and applications

Glass panels are used in a range of settings including hotels and restaurants, office spaces, hospitals, gymnasiums, banks, retail spaces, exhibition centers, professional practices and conference centers, classrooms and other educational institutions etc. Glass is a very stylish and elegant material and it doesn’t clash with any type of material or features which also makes it extremely versatile. You can choose from glass of different finishes, such as:

  • Transparent Glass panels are perfect for areas where the design concept is based on open spaces and expansiveness. When there is more glass in the exterior and interior structure of any building, it allows more natural light to stream in and this adds to the feeling of expansiveness.
  • If you feel that you don’t want to give up this openness but need a bit of privacy in certain areas of the office, commercial or residential space, you can opt for frosted glass or even partially-frosted glass panels. The floor to ceiling height glass panels can be frosted up to half height while the upper half is still transparent. This creates a unique look without compromising on the privacy factor.
  • For more stylistic and elaborate features you can opt for etched glass partitions. These are customized etchings which can be made as per your specific design needs.

When you have very large glass panels installed on your property in the form of partitions, you need to ensure that the glass is strong and resilient and that it doesn’t break on the slightest impact. The glass sheets we use in our work are tempered and laminated glass which doesn’t break on minor impact. The lamination also makes the glass safer; in case of a severe impact the sheets won’t break into sharp shards; instead, it will break into rounded pieces that won’t injure people in that space.

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are long-standing professionals in this field and provide custom glass partition solutions at extremely reasonable pricing. We use high quality materials & workmanship in every project and provide iron-clad guarantees for the job we have undertaken. For the installation and replacement of glass partitions, call us at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details.



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