Glass Installation & Replacement

Glass is a material that is increasingly used in both, residential and commercial architecture. It lends a very distinct appearance to the structure and allows a great deal of light to enter the indoor spaces of the structure. Today, the glass used in most installations is tempered; and this adds to its strength and longevity.

When you are getting any Glass Installation & Replacement done, you want to ensure that the best materials are used in the work and that the workmanship is of high quality as well. The one way to ensure this is to hire experts like the ones at Diversified Glass and Mirror, for the job.

Glass Installation & Replacement- Things to focus on

  • When you hire an experienced and credible company for the job, you are assured that the job will be tackled in an expert manner.
  • They will come and take accurate measurements and understand the location and use of the glass. Since the setting in which the glass will be positioned differs, the kind of glass used, may also be different.
  • They will understand what your specific ideas and requirements are, and then make note of the budget you are working on.
  • Keeping all these aspects in view, they will then provide solutions that fit into that framework.

Replacement process

Even when high grade, tempered glass is used in the work, there are times when an installation may suffer a heavy impact and may crack or break. If this occurs, it’s important that the glass be replaced without any delay. Though tempered glass doesn’t really break into sharp edged shards, it’s never a good idea to keep broken or damaged glass in any installation on your property.

A company that handles installation of these features will also be able to provide you with replacement solutions. They will follow a procedure that is very similar to the installation process; and will ensure that the top quality glass is installed in place of the one that was damaged.

When is replacement necessary?

When the Glass Installation & Replacement professionals come over to your property to check the damage to the glass installation, they will be able to tell you whether complete replacement is the only option, or whether glass repair will suffice to get the installation back into its former condition. This check and immediate repair or replacement should be done as quickly as possible.

If the damaged glass is in a commercial space, its probably even more important to ensure that the work is attended to without delay. This is because the traffic in these spaces tends to be higher in comparison to that in residential structures. Diversified Glass and Mirror is a company that provides specialized Glass Installation & Replacement services to clients across South Florida. For any additional information about our services, feel free to call us at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details.


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