Many older structures have old-style timber framing and single-paned glass window features. While these installations are quite strong and sturdy, time and the elements take their toll and the framing may begin to deteriorate or warp and splinter. Aside from that, single-paned windows affect the energy-efficiency of the home as they don’t have good insulation properties. This is where replacement windows and full-frame window glass replacement comes into the picture.

Not only do these replacement windows enhance the appeal of your property, but they also help insulate your home and improve the overall energy-efficiency of your home. The new windows will also have a slim frame profile which improves the view from the indoor spaces as well.

Do you really need full-frame window replacement?

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are one of the leading operators in this space and are very honest and transparent in our dealings with clients. When you call us with your requirement, we make it a point to carry out a thorough assessment of the existing windows. We check the framing for structural integrity and strength. We also check for termite damage or any wood borer damage and signs of warping etc.

If we find that there is a problem, you will be informed about it. Brick mold, and rotting sills, as well as various other problems related to structural deterioration, can be addressed with full-frame window replacement. These new windows will also provide support to the rest of the structure.

Cost-effective solutions

We provide you all the information you need regarding the new, double or triple-paned windows and what the cost of the entire replacement will be. This gives you a very clear idea about the condition of the existing windows, the estimated cost of the replacement windows. This helps you make a more well-informed decision about whether you would like to go ahead with the full-frame window replacement.

Our experts will never recommend a complete replacement if it isn’t necessary. We also use only the best quality materials and products in our work and the entire installation is handled by expert window installers. This ensures the job is completed efficiently; you get very resilient and energy-efficient windows at extremely cost-effective pricing.

 If you have noticed any signs of decay or deterioration in your existing wooden window frames, or feel that you need to replace these features, feel free to call us. We are very prompt with our response and will send out experts to your property. This job requires a significant amount of skill and expertise and should never be entrusted to novices. Today there are a number of different window framing products and glass panes available on the market; only when you have detailed information about these products and their pricing would you be able to decide whether full-frame window glass replacement is a good option for you.

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