It’s not uncommon to see homes that have older wooden window frames and single-paned glass windows. These features do deteriorate over time and you might find that the windows and doors are showing signs of sash & frame problems. Fortunately, it’s now possible to find solutions that will change the appearance of your home and add to the energy-efficiency of your property- Full-Frame Door and Window Glass Replacement.

This type of replacement is perfect to restore the beauty and structural integrity of your doors and windows. As mentioned earlier, it adds significantly to the energy-efficiency of your home and provides much better viewing too.

Why Full-Frame Door and Window Glass Replacement?

Window professionals identify if there are any issues lying behind the framing. The different common problems that might show up are rotting, water intrusion, poor/no insulation, damaged wood or insect infestation. When the window frames are worn out, it becomes very difficult to operate the windows. Apart from that, worn-out framing also tends to leak air and this reduces the energy-efficiency of your home.

If there are visible signs of decay, Full-Frame Door and Window Glass Replacement is the ideal solution. Your contractor will inspect the doors and windows and give you an opinion about whether the framing is strong enough to support your new replacement windows, and if full-frame replacement is required or not. Brick mold, rotting sills and other problems related to deterioration can be addressed with the latter.

The full-frame replacement process:

• The door or the window will be taken down to the rough opening (up to the raw framing boards).
• The opening will then be sealed to prevent water and air seepage from around the windows/doors
• Once the actual door or window has been placed in that opening, insulation will be installed to prevent insects, moisture, drafts etc. from entering from around the framework
• In the case of windows, a water management system will also be added at the sill level
• Suitable brick molding will be used to finish the exterior surface around the frame, while premium trim will be used for the interiors.

While this type of full-frame replacement may not always be required, it ensures the aesthetics, energy-efficiency and the longevity of the new replacement doors and windows. We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are a company that provides Door and Window Glass Replacement to customers across South Florida. For any more information about energy-efficient windows, please contact us at this number (954) 809-5699. You can also send us your project details via this online form.