Glass doors are now a common feature in homes and commercial properties. While doors made of glass are used in interior spaces, they are widely used in exterior applications as well. Glass lends a very open and spacious look to a property and it’s not surprising that builders, designers, architects and contractors use these features in their projects. You will notice that many residential and commercial properties have glass doors installed on:

• Balconies
• Patios
• Decks
• Entranceways
• Porches
• Pool houses
• Lobbies
• Other

While glass looks fragile, the panes used in exterior glass doors is toughened and laminated. This adds to its strength and resilience and these panels are able to withstand impacts. However in case there is a severe impact or if there is a malfunction or misalignment in the tracks that these doors run on, that can cause the doors to break or develop cracks.

The lamination acts like a sheet that sandwiches the cracked glass and it doesn’t break into shards like normal glass. Instead, it breaks into more rounded pieces that aren’t as dangerous. However, it goes without saying that any damage should be fixed without delay and you should get Exterior Glass Door Replacement done quickly.

Exterior Glass Door Replacement- The Work Process

We at Diversified Glass and Mirror are a leading company in this space and know how to handle this job with the highest level of expertise. We understand that when any exterior glass door on your property breaks, that also compromises the security of your property. This is why we act quickly and will promptly send out our experienced personnel over to your location. They will survey the damage and identify whether the entire framing and glass has to be replaced or only a glass replacement will serve the purpose.

They will take measurements and provide you a quote. Once you approve that quote, they will then send the window panels for fabrication. We will ensure that the glass and framing used is the same as that used in the rest of the installation. This will lend a seamless look to the feature once we have completed the Exterior Glass Door Replacement. Not only will we replace the glass as required, but will ensure that the entire structure is aligned well and that it runs smoothly on its tracks or hinges.

Why Choose Us?

This is a specialized job and we have the expertise to handle it with efficiency and professionalism. We use the best materials in our work and complete the job within the committed timeframe. In addition to Exterior Glass Door Replacement, we also handle interior doors and window replacements, repairs and installation jobs. We can also install, repair and replace mirrors on your commercial or residential property.

We have the knowledge, knowhow and the resources to tackle the job in the best possible way and to your 100% satisfaction. For excellent Exterior Glass Door Replacement, call Diversified Glass and Mirror at this number (954) 809-5699 or use this online form to send us your project details and we will revert shortly.