Every bathroom design is different and every homeowner has specific requirements when it comes to installations and features in this space. Mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom space and if you are getting a new installation or replacing an existing old or damaged vanity mirror, you would need to hire experts for the job. While many homeowners do turn this into a DIY project, if you are getting larger mirrors fitted above a bathroom vanity, it’s a good idea to hire professionals for the job.

Different types of Vanity Mirrors

The different types of vanity mirrors you can choose from are:

  • Frameless- These lend a very chic and sleek look to the bathroom. They look amazing in modern-styled bathrooms and blend in very well with the overall theme and concept of the bathroom. Aside from this, a frameless vanity mirror is much simpler to install and the job will be completed quickly too.

 You can choose from mirrors of different shapes and sizes, based on the dimensions of the wall it is going to be positioned in. Special clips may be used in the installation; in some instances, it sits on the vanity’s surface and is affixed with an adhesive to hold it in place.

  • Framed- This installation is a little different from that of a frameless mirror. Most framed mirrors are fixed using wires or brackets in the manner that a picture frame is hung. The fixture used would depend on the type of surface the mirror is being hung on.

Hire Skilled Installers

Regardless of the kind of mirrors you get installed, it’s best to hire a good installer for the job. They will survey the space, take detailed measurements and understand what kind of installation you want. You will also be shown different samples and provided quotes. Once you have approved the quote, the installers will ensure that your customized vanity mirror is installed within the shortest possible time.

When you hire the services of a good company for the job, you are assured that the work will be completed to your 100% satisfaction, using the best materials and workmanship. They will also make sure that the mounting brackets are sturdy and of a high quality.

Guaranteed Workmanship

If the mirror is being placed on the surface of the vanity, they will make sure that the base is on an even plane and that it is strong enough to support the weight of the mirror. The installers will work in a professional manner and ensure that they leave the work site neat and clean at the end of the work day. A reliable company also provides guarantees for their work and maintains cost-effective pricing.

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