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  • Glass shower doors can create a dramatic illusion to your bathroom. They will make it appear more spacious and will create a sensual ambiance. If properly maintained and installed they can be an ideal focal point in your bathroom and will give it a royal look. Glass shower cabinets are the ultimate symbol of luxury and style. Till recent times getting a glass shower door installed in your home was something that was affordable only to the higher clergy of the society. But now the conditions have changed and we are having many affordable glass shower enclosures in the market. Most of these kits are made with heavy glass and they will have a sliding shower door with metal frames

  • A sliding door is an alternative closing system that is used mainly for decorative purposes.  Also called as a patio door, it was popularized in the 18th century when contemporary designs began ruling the architectural world. This period marked the popular use of glass as a building material. But the sliding doors were not invented then. There are evidences of the use of sliding doors in the first century at Pompey in Rome. But it was not similar to the ones that we use today. It was just a crude beginners design. In modern architectural designs, sliding doors are used mainly for two reasons 1.    For added beauty 2.    For saving space 3.    For use as automatic doors, with build

  • Mirrors can be used in a wide variety of ways to brighten a room design. They are perfect for creating a sense of deep and dimension in a small room space. Need help to find decorative bathrooms mirrors? Diversified Glass & Mirror will find for you a wide variety of mirror types and styles. Choose the selection in every shape from round or oval mirrors to large decorative mirrors. We perform installations including metal, wood, or frameless designs; for bathrooms mirrors and wall mounted designs. For the bathrooms we carry framed & frameless from modern to traditional. Interiors can be made to look quite stunning with clever placement of decorative mirrors. These mirrors are available in wide range of shapes,

  • The impact Windows do more than protect your home against hurricanes, they help to save energy costs and provide security against Thieves and intruders. Impact – resistant glass means that the glass is comprised of two panes of glass bonded together which special interlayer of clear polyvinyl butyral (PVP). It is combination of this glass and vinyl frames provides amazing protection against hurricanes proven more than plywood or shutters. The studies have shown that over 40% of home’s annual energy is consumed by windows. Diversified Glass & Mirror offers the efficient products using common building code guidelines. The benefits of impact windows are: • Protect your home from impending storms • Secure your home against burglars • Reduce cooling and

  • There are multiples ways of treating glass for strength, energy efficiency, or appearance. Diversified Glass & Mirror suggests some: Float glass:  gets its name from the modern process to create large, thin, flat panels from molten glass. This process produces a very smooth piece of glass with highly consistent thickness. Fully Tempered Glass:  is ideally used as a safety glass where the glazing may need to be broken out of the frame in an emergency. For instance, the side windows of a car are tempered so that they can be broken away in the event of an accident. Heat Soaked  tempered glass : is  a method of testing tempered  glass for unstable nickel sulfide inclusions, which are imperfections in the

  • Glass is an inorganic material usually clear or translucent with different colors. It is hard, brittle, and stands up to the effects of winds, rain o sun. Glass has been used for various kinds of utensils, mirrors, windows and more. It is thought to have been first created around 3000 BC, during the bronze age. Egyptian glass beads date back to about 2500 BC. During the Ptolemiac period, artisans created “ mosaic glass” in which slides of colored glass were used to create decorative in patters. In the 1st century BC, the glassmakers in Syria invented glassblowing and in the same period, in Venice, the first clear glass called cristallo was invented and then heavily exported. In 1625, glassmaker, George