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  •  De acuerdo al Informe de la Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente, conocida por sus siglas AEMA, Austria, Alemania y Bélgica son los países que reciclan mayor proporción de sus residuos urbanos. De acuerdo a este estudio los objetivos impuestos por la Unión Europea es alcanzar para el año 2020, el reciclaje del 50% de los residuos domésticos y similares. La taza mas elevada fue alcanzada por Austria, con una tasa del 63%, seguida por Alemania con el 62% y Bélgica con un 58%., y los Países Bajos un 51%, que son los únicos miembros que superan el objetivo del reciclaje de residuos. Suiza, aunque no es miembro de la Unión Europea, esta considerado como un país ejemplar en el trato

  • Competition in every space is on the rise and as a business owner that runs a physical store, you try your level best to ensure that your establishment is maintained well and looks spruced-up at all times. To a large extent, the perception that customers build about your store and business, is based on the manner in which your storefront looks. And that’s why you have large window displays that are tastefully and creatively designed. These are the perfect way to showcase your products and give prospective customers a glimpse of what lies inside. Your storefront display windows become a very important feature and you take extra care to ensure they are cleaned well and are blemish-free at all time.

  • When you are getting any window glass replaced, it’s a good idea to check what type of glass is now available in the market. Many property owners (commercial and residential) are now opting for Tempered Glass Installation. This is a special glass that goes through an extra procedure to ensure it becomes 4-5 times stronger than standard glass. In this procedure, the glass is first heated up and then cooled down very rapidly which adds to the strength of the glass. Applications of Tempered Glass Apart from this, it also alters the manner in which the glass breaks and it shatters into smaller blocks (and not shards), which are less likely to cause injury. This is also why this glass

  • Here in Florida where hurricanes are very common, every property owner knows exactly how drastically it affects their property. The windows are one of the most vulnerable features of your home and it’s but obvious that you would want to ensure they are well-protected from the bad weather. It’s why people get hurricane shutters and impact-resistant windows installed. The latter are very different from the former; and if you want your home to be better protected from the inclement weather, it’s important to opt for impact-resistant glass windows. If you find that there is any weakening in your existing windows or if you just have standard ones installed, it’s best to Replace Impact Glass. About Impact-Resistant Glass This is essentially a

  • Glass table tops are an amazing addition to any space, commercial or residential. And you can add these to your living and dining room or even your den or home office. They become the perfect material for hallway console tables and look stunning and elegant, no matter where they are placed. While some of these tables may have smaller surfaces, others could be quite large. If you buy furniture products from a good manufacturer, they would have definitely used sturdy glass in the pieces. However, there are times when even toughened glass can get damaged by a severe impact and its not uncommon to see glass surfaces that are cracked or discolored or ones that have dings; and these can

  • La historia del vidrio tiene comienzos inciertos, aunque se sabe que desde el 2.500 AC su uso en Mesopotamia se utilizo con fines decorativos. Algunos afirman que los Fenicios fueron los que inventaron el vidrio, pero en realidad no esta claro. Debido a las impurezas naturales de la arena para hacer el vidrio, su color tiende a ser verdoso y azul. Con el tiempo aquellos que se dedicaron a confeccionar este material le agregaron componentes metálicos y minerales para obtener las tonalidades similares encontradas en las piedras preciosa. Las joyas mas antiguas a partir de este material las encontramos en el antiguo Egipto, por el 1500 AC. Incluso a estas confecciones les atribuían poderes mágicos. Esta tecnología fue extendiéndose por