Most retail spaces have display cases in one or the other form. These are required to display and protect the goods in the store or supermarket. In some designs the display cases may be partly open and more like shelving solutions that are closed only on three sides. In others the cases may be fully covered and may also be part of a counter installation.

When you are getting any display cases installed, you need to hire an experienced operator who would be able to provide you custom solutions that meet the functional and aesthetic objectives of your project. These professionals have the experience and expertise to understand what your specific requirements are, and will provide design and material options.

Aspects of display case installation

 When expert professionals handle this job, there are a number of different things they focus on including:

  • Where the display case/s are going to be located.
  • The shape and size of the display case.
  • What the cabinet is going to be used for.
  • Will it require a safety locking system?
  • Its mounting style
  • The total number of divisions and shelving it will have
  • Your budget and personal ideas and preferences

Glass display cases – custom designed glass

 Every retail space is different and that means the display case has to be custom designed to complement the space and styling of the other features in the space. In addition, it has to fit in perfectly into the available space and match your needs as well. There are also a number of different types of styling and finishes to choose from such as:

  • Wave styled or curved glass display cases have a distinctive shape they have to be designed and built with care. In addition care has to be taken to ensure the odd shapes are stable and steady so they don’t topple over.
  • You can choose from chamfered and beveled or even stained glass panels for these installations.
  • The base feature could be structured from wood or metal.
  • If the display case is going to double up as a counter as well, you would have to opt for thick, laminated and toughened glass. These are required in spaces that are going to see heavy traffic.
  • Shopping malls have large display cases and these are often positioned in common landing spaces and strategic locations. While these locations are chosen for their high visibility, a larger number of people walk past or stop and sometimes even touch these display cases; this makes it important to ensure the installations are extremely strong and sturdy to withstand that excessive wear and tear.
  • Sometimes, clients want a certain logo or branding or even a design etched into the glass and the company that handles the job would be able to cater to these requests as well.

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